Kirk Johnson   

visual design                  

Airbnb Online Experiences

As the world began to adjust to Covid-19 and the onset of a global pandemic, travel was one of the countless industries that ground to a halt. Airbnb’s host community—many of them reliant on homesharing and experiences income—found themselves facing a daunting new reality. But the spirit of perseverance and innovation often shine through in moments of crisis. 

Through several listening sessions with Airbnb Experiences hosts we came to understand that many of them had already found new ways of evolving their experiences to function online. We worked closely with our host community to develop an entirely new product category—launching 50 new Online Experiences in a two week sprint. On launch weekend over 6,000 seats were booked, with both supply and demand continuing to grow.

For me, this process truly revealed the ingeniuty and resilience of the human spirit. Crises, for all their woes, precipitate important changes in our relationships with eachother and the planet. The road is long, but we find new ways to connect.

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