Kirk Johnson   

visual design                  

01. Understand︎

Art direction / Packaging/ Layout
Ambient bliss from William Tyler and Luke Schneider.

02. Études︎

Publication / Art direction 
A monograph for architect, artist, and poet John Marx.

03. Airbnb Online Experiences︎

Product / Strategy 
Finding new ways to share joy and remain connected.

04. Prynne︎

Branding / Identity / Web / Strategy / Art Direction
Building an expressive foundation for an  inclusive eco-feminist fashion magazine.

05. Bathing Culture︎

Art Direction / Strategy / Marketing 
Celebrating peace and joy through bathing.

06. Rookie︎

Art Direction/ Custom Typography/ Packaging
Evoking apathy and Americana for a new singer/songwriter.

07. The Poetics Of Distortion︎

17 x 10 in. 192 pages 
Publication / Curation
A monograph developed for panoramic photographer Thomas Schiff, exploring the sweeping vistas and built environment of the San Francisco Bay Area.

08. Sonoma Valley Museum of Art︎

Branding / Identity / Web / Strategy
Dynamic energy and youthful exuberance – designing the language of a hub for art and community

09. Airbnb Be Program︎

Branding / Identity
Creating a new home for employee wellness at Airbnb.

10. Microcosm︎

Ink and Gesso on Zebrawood
Illustration / Conceptual
A triptych of automatic drawings exploring the power of the line to create vibrtational density.

11. TV Talk︎

3:08 runtime
Commentary / Music Video
An investigation into our obsession with mindless media

12. Esoterica: A Journal for Entheogenic Exploration︎

8.5 x 11 in.  56 pages
Publication/ Research
Magazine homage to the 1960s Underground Press Syndicate exploring themes of psychedelia and entheogenic theory.

13. Placebo︎

Various formats/ Publication
Exploring notions of the unknown. A collection of sounds and images.